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At Grabber School, we are committed to providing the resources and experiences necessary to help our students succeed both in the classroom, and after they graduate! That is why our program has numerous resume building opportunities involving school competitions to help students fine tune their skills and put into practice the applications they are learning.

Working Womens Survival Show 2019 Working Womens Survival Show 2019

Working Womens Survival Show 2019 Working Womens Survival Show 2019

St. Louis women recieved hair, makeup and skin applications at the 2019 exposition.

Working Womens Survival Show 2019 Working Womens Survival Show 2019

"To be able to donate my time, and people's money, for cancer patients is awesome"

- Reyanne

2019 Working Women's Survival Show

Students gave back by providing manicures, pedicures and other treatments for local women, with all proceeds given to fight cancer.

Students donated their time and gained experience by working directly with the community.

Proceeds were given to fight cancer by funding research efforts.

With the quantity of clients, students were able to practice a variety of skill sets in both hair, skin and nails.

Holiday Mannequin Show 2018 Holiday Mannequin Show 2018

Holiday Mannequin Show 2018 Holiday Mannequin Show 2018

Show off your creativity with holiday hair and makeup styling.

Holiday Mannequin Show 2018 Holiday Mannequin Show 2018

"Winning this competition was confirmation that I am doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing!"

- Mannequin Challenge Winner

2018 Holiday Mannequin Show Challenge

Students performed hair styling and manicure techniques on mannequins, focusing on holiday related themes. Winners were selected in both hair and nail categories.

No cutting of mannequin hair and no extreme coloring of mannequin hair.

No more than 33% ornamentation (including weave).

Students were allowed to work on mannequin at home but finishing must be performed at school.

2018 Frightfest 2018 Frightfest

2018 Frightfest Working Womens Survival Show 2019

Students showed off their makeup application and hairstyling techniques on the Grabber runway.

2018 Frightfest 2018 Frightfest

"We learned how to give faces more definition and 3D looks through makeup application."

- Grabber Student, 3 months

2018 Frightfest Challenge

Students gained experience in makeup application and hair styling.

Students dress up 1-2 models in a way that is scary or gory.

Demonstrate the use of depth and definition with makeup application.

They must complete the makeup look with hair and costume styling.

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