Lindbergh High School Makeover

We visited a Lindbergh High School student in south St. Louis county.  Services that were completed include hair color treatment, shampoo, hair styling, manicure, and full makeup.  View the full photo gallery from our makeover below!

 Second Session Makeover

Our Lindbergh High School Featured Makeover model returned for a second session! Prom was on the calendar for that evening, so the timing was perfect! Grabber School of Hair Design student, Tori, describes the hairstyling: “The first step was to flat iron her naturally curly hair so that the curls would be very smooth. I sectioned her hair and, starting from the bottom, curled it and sprayed it with Kenra® Hair Spray. When I got to the top, I teased a huge poof, hair sprayed and then bobby-pinned all the curls into the updo! Finally, I applied Urban Decay sparkles to add shimmer, and hair sprayed once more.”


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