Valley Park Makeover

Straight hair look was achieved with simple flat ironing. This easily maintained styling comes alive with natural makeup, accented eyes and peach- and rose-toned blush to give warmth and glow to the face. Our model has a classic oval face shape, ideal for almost any hairstyle. We chose to go with a semi-formal updo, providing two side french braids and slip knot bun on the back. This fun, yet classy evening look was finished with deeper-toned eye shadow. 


 Second Session Makeover

This Featured Makeover Model is an aspiring cosmetologist from Valley Park High School. Christina, one of our Grabber Student Stylists, began the transformation process with a manicure and nail polish application. Mariah was responsible for the overall transformation including hair styling and makeup. Special thanks to Emilie for her help with final styling and posing on the photo set.


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